The greatest gift of remembrance

of your soul purpose in alignment

with your natural feminine resonance,

and the creation of that purpose in this lifetime




Too long have you hidden from love.


For too long, you have been living in blissful ignorance of your soul’s purpose. Now you are ready to remember who you are.


It is time for you to choose.


Do you choose life or death for your soul's purpose?

To create what you have always wanted to become?


NOW is the time to give your YES to your...




Ready for self mastery

The deep feminine way? 


Ready to embody your innate

wisdom and sovereign essence?

Hi, I'm Hazel 

To quote the Artist Prince - “I’m not your lover, I’m not your friend I am something that you’ll never comprehend”, but if I were to try and describe who I will be to you on this journey, I will be your mentor, your oracle, and guide. I am here to stand in my power to help you reclaim your sovereignty.

Long has the ancient wisdom of the deep feminine been forgotten, and I am here to break down the old version of you and help you rebuild the new and improved version and to tell you that I alone have held this wisdom through every lifetime, through every death, through darkness and light. It is my soul’s purpose to deliver this deep forgotten wisdom back to the feminine in this lifetime. I remember and hold this deep embrace of love, and I am here to share this wisdom with you. Too long have women stood in the shadows, chained and imprisoned under the illusion of separation and destruction, too long has our power been stolen, squashed, burned, and ignored. Now is the time for you to rise and remember your deep feminine wisdom.

What is the Sovereign Journey? It is the greatest gift of remembrance of your soul purpose in alignment with your natural feminine resonance and the creation of that purpose in this lifetime. As a woman you are a vessel of creation, that is what makes the feminine so legendary because she creates love. SHE is flawless in her pursuit of love and known universally throughout all of creation for her unfathomable power and intelligence, and that gift, that wisdom, all that power is within YOU.

The infinite question of ‘Who am I?’ has resonated throughout history, truly known as herstory, creating stories through a time of men and women, heroes and heroines, gods and goddesses, good and evil, heaven and hell, dark and light, all from the pages of creation itself. I’m here to help you remember who you are, to scream it from the top of the highest mountains, and NOW is the time to embark on this epic journey of infinite creation. The creation of your life, your soul purpose and everything you have ever known to be true deep within your soul, to come into alignment with your unique soul resonance, to embody your purpose and to stand tall in your sovereign realm. This is how you create YOUR story, the story of your sovereign journey.

You will navigate effortlessly in the shadows and bathe in the light, you will dance in the void, you will return the lies you have bought and purge the demons that sold them, you will fight on the battlefields of love against separation and reclaim your innocence, you will become the moon, the sun and the stars and stand as Queen of your realm, you will reclaim your sensuality and ferocity as a lioness prowling the savannah of sacred sexuality, you will emerge from your slumber as a magician breathing magic into everything you create, you will dig for the gold inside of you and celebrate as you find your lust for life, surrendering to falling truly, madly and deeply in love with yourself. You will rekindle the flame of your heart and watch in awe at your magnificence, and that’s just year one!

As an oracle of the deep feminine, as a priestess of sacred sexuality, as a woman who has healed herself from not one, but two narcissistic marriages, and as a woman who in the aftermath of all of that pain has found true love in divine union, my training has touched the hearts of thousands of women across the globe to help them open the portal to their own sovereign paradise here and now. I have helped women commit to being the power player of their lives, to commit to their soul's purpose, to destroy anything in their path and to create a new reality that is deeply aligned with their intuition, and the universe herself. Your sovereign journey is about your story, just like the Earth mother herself and all the women before you, you stand in harmony and allegiance to creating your life through the purity of the heart, and nobody can take that away from you when you stand as the sovereign of your realm.

Let’s change the connotation of what it means to be a powerful woman. Let’s dance in the moonlight of our femininity with passion and gentle innocence, let’s create with intention, build with momentum in resonance with our deepest joy and love, let’s sing with nature herself and bring darkness to its knees. It is your birthright as a woman to remember all the love that you are and live a life of blissful contentment.

This version of you exists in this lifetime, it is up to you to choose. Those chains you once felt are now broken, so join me for the ultimate sovereign journey. Create a new story for yourself in this creative and shamanic year of transformational self-leadership, where there is no going back, only forward - Join me, and embark on this legendary journey of your own individual story. Come aboard my creatorship and sail with me across the oceans of expanded consciousness on my eternal steadfast journey into the heart:

The Sovereign Journey


 Master the freedom of flow and focus to create and manifest all your dreams

 Learn to identify where narcissism is controlling your life and how to overcome it.

✔ Work in the deep to free yourself from negative cycles

✔ Reclaim your confidence

✔ Find your true purpose

✔ Reorientate your inner compass to discover your new path

✔ Deeply embrace your sexual energy in its true sacredness

 Explore your inner archetypes and how these help you remember the love of who you are

 ✔ Deepen your moon, womb and cyclical wisdom

Uplevel Your Life Today

You are so powerful, you move mountains

in people who are saying yes.


Rozemarijn Van Den Brink - Women's Facilitator

The core of the guidance from Hazel resonates on a deeper level, igniting my heart to come alive and flow over my lips so I speak and express the self I always knew inside, but not let out until now. Hazel leads you to fully embody it and to come to your essence. It really is lifechanging to remember and embrace the deepest longing and purpose of being on earth in this lifetime.

Marjanne Huising - Nature Coach and Author

The work you created and the strength you have got,

you are an inspiration and honestly really a superstar

with the voice and talent you have.

Veerle Sanders - Professional Opera Singer

How Can I Help You?



Sacred Tree Audio

A visualisation and  activation to connect to the deep pulse of the earth, and the mysterious landscape of your inner world. Get into nature and connect to natures wisdom with this audio. 






Take A Journey

This extraordinary concept album takes you beyond meditation, song and storytelling, and invites you into the realms of your own being to access a deeper innate intelligence within yourself.





Work With Me

 The ultimate shamanic, creative magical year of transformation for you to upgrade your master creator mindset and to revolutionise your life; embodying the way of your deep innate feminine wisdom




Creating your reality from a powerful source

of deep, innate, feminine leadership

About Hazel 


My life is a passionate process of creation. 


Of all the degrees, diplomas, residencies, courses and initiations I have completed, or countries I have lived in and travelled through, the most profound teachings and journeys have come from navigating my inner landscapes. It is these inner quests that have truly brought me alive. 


My role as mentor and artist is more than simply testifier or interpreter, but in many ways as priestess and alchemist, creating transformational experience, facilitating women especially to access their innate creative intelligence, build confidence and reclaim the gold of deep wisdom.


Survivor of two narcissistic emotional abusive marriages, being a creator and living the way of the deep feminine has saved my life. This is why I am passionate about helping women become the greatest version of themselves,  recognising that each woman holds her own unique gift as a creator of life and love, and help them flourish in expressing and living it.


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"Not often a woman gets to receive such an

incredible, beautiful, precious soul gift as this.

Hazel is a supremely gifted channel, 

artist and creatrix."

Shakti Sundari, London UK