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This is for the woman who knows there is no going back when she decides to transform her life and welcome her deep feminine wisdom and leadership.


Have you been through a big life change, loss or emotional abuse and are now ready to create your life by embodying a deep trust in your intuition, your self worth and your gifts?


Because this is for the woman who is not afraid to go deep and take responsibility for her life journey.



Now we rise together and change our lives

remembering and embodying

the power within us as great creators


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Life and death appeared to me ideal bounds, which I should first break through, and pour a torrent of light into our dark world.

— Mary Shelley 



 She who is ready to become her own greatest guide and claim her self sovereignty.

 She who embodies her life journey, turning her experiences into gifts of gold.

 She who is ready to live with the wisdom of herself as part of nature.

 She who is prepared to break old patterns to create a new reality. 

This Is For You If You Are ...

🔥 Dedicated to 12 months of personal growth and development.

🔥 Curious about diving deep into your own inner wisdom, shadows and light, and inner landscapes.

🔥 Interested to discover the magic of living with the cycles of life, learning from moon & nature.

🔥 Eager to create your life through the power of your own natural life force, sexual and sensual.

🔥 Open to ignite and embody your own wisdom, intuition, inner divine union, power of creation and purpose.

🔥 Committed to taking responsibility for your own transformation and go beyond old comforts.

🔥 Ready for change - maybe after a big life change, loss or rebuilding your life.

🔥 Excited to know it's time to trust yourself, your worth and your gifts. 

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This is not for you if you ...

❌ Want to keep hiding and stay in your comfort zone. 

❌ Want to move through life from the need to fit in to be accepted by external authority or circumstances.

❌ Are refusing to create your life because of fears and limiting beliefs.

❌ Believe that attaching to one method will ‘fix’ you and your ‘problems’.

❌ Do not care about nature or energy.

❌ Say you are spiritual but not willing to do the deep work.

❌ Reject your power, wisdom and ability to create a life of success for yourself.

❌ Are in a repeating time loop of not breaking old patterns.


Hi, my name is Hazel,

In 2012 I stood alone in a gallery filled with my art ready to welcome over 150 people to my private show. Five years before, I narrowly escaped an abusive marriage, that destroyed my self belief and sent me into a deep spiral of despair. 

In that moment of silence I became enlightened by the fact that many women never recover from such emotional abuse, to rebuild their lives with passion and purpose, yet here I was doing exactly that.

This realisation showed me there was something more to my life purpose than making my own art or teaching others to make art, perform or sing. 

In this magical moment I made a promise to myself to find out what it was that enables women to truly come alive after abuse, change and loss. 

This promise took me on a wild and unexpected journey for the next ten years, including a second narcissistic abusive marriage, multiple shamanic initiations and a deep call to the universe to find a new deep and meaningful way of life.

The Journey Unfolded

With Radical Change


Today I Find Myself ... 

🔥 Manifesting the life of my dreams including a deeply loving and profound relationship, living my purpose and mission as an artist, writer and women’s wisdom mentor.

🔥 Cultivating a great belief in myself, my mission, and my gifts.

🔥 Channelling my art and writing to use as transformational material to guide women to embody their greatest self.

🔥 Surrendered to my innate intelligence with deep trust in my intuition, power and ability as a woman and creator of life. 

🔥 In an accelerated unfolding of my life aligned with my soul because I stepped out of being a victim and let my emotional intelligence become my ally.

🔥  Mastering the profound power of ongoing cycles of change, body and soul and the natural laws of life.

🔥  Repeatedly choosing for love and self-love over everything and channelling this passion into all of life. 


Because I dedicated to...

🔥 Getting real about all the abuse, loss and change I had endured in my life. 

🔥 Learning to trust in love again by coming to terms with betrayal from the masculine and the feminine.

🔥 Recognising and releasing attachment to people in my life that no longer had my best interests at heart.

🔥 Allowing the transformational power of art, ceremony and nature to guide in creating a new reality.

🔥 My journey of becoming great, including radical self healing from narcissistic and emotional abuse.


What was needed for this alignment?

🔥 Giving centre stage to myself, my dreams and my gifts again.

🔥 A profound surrendering to the power of plant medicine that came alive the more I dove deeply into deep feminine wisdom and the embodiment of the cyclical energies, nature and magic.

🔥 A deep communion with the essence of my soul, teaching me how to manifest relationships and business.

🔥 Full permission, from Me to Me, for my sexuality to come alive, and express myself my way, in this lifetime!

🔥 A strong and powerful YES that me & my story matter.




''This journey has given space for my energy and vibration to come out. I have felt it for so many years but didn't know how to channel them, so the journey has been a great match for me. The cycles really help because now I know that everything will be okay. Now I know how to grow through the cycles in my life.

I can now tune into my own vibration instead of pushing it back.''

Yvonne Van Kan - Life Transition facilitator


''I really love it. There a lot of people who say they are a mentor and empower you to be a leader, I say practice what you preach! You do not preach it, you practice it. Your advice leads always to my leadership and that's the difference with your training.

It saved my life that I learned how to navigate the soul singer and the wild maiden archetypes in me. It has given me solutions when I thought I had none.''

Dr Anne Van De Klundert - Scientist, Politician and writer


''I feel I am blossoming. I feel like I know who I am, this is my power and I am opening up to let it shine out. The inner peace I feel is beautiful and makes life much more fun. I now have the tools to help me all the time in my everyday life. 

The biggest thing is that I got reassured that I can trust myself. It is also beautiful to enable me to go deeper and share my journey in a group with others.''

Carolina - Editor and Publisher


''Through this journey I have committed to myself. It's been really powerful to see my patterns and what the different options are now. I gained a deeper awareness of what the different energies are and it gives me power behind me in my life.

I am really grateful and thankful that I am in the group and in the course. You help people open Pandora's Box and guide them on their path.''

Monique Coppens - Business Coach


''You are so powerful, you move mountains in people who are saying YES! I really admire you as a person and a teacher. I love the way you work is how you give guidelines to motivate me to do it my own way.

The art has helped me connect to the artist in me. The way we use it as a mirror, it  shows me my beauty and I can accept the beauty that I create. This course has helped me more kind to myself and clear in my life. 

Rozemarijn Van Den Brink - Women's Facilitator


''The core of the guidance from Hazel resonates on a deeper level, igniting my heart to come alive and flow over my lips so I speak and express the self I always knew inside, but not let out until now.

Hazel leads you to fully embody it and to come to your essence. It really is lifechanging to remember and embrace the deepest longing and purpose of being on earth in this lifetime.''

Marjanne Huising - Nature Coach and Author


Are you ready to join a group of powerful women dedicated to take their life to another level, giving permission and space for greatness, wilderness, sensuality, deep wisdom, sisterhood, power, and leadership of your life as a sovereign realm.

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