A Music Journey & E-Book By Hazel Evans


My deepest desire is for the expression I share
to spark inspiration in you.
Your story matters,
your life is your own masterpiece.

Hazel Evans

Welcome To

The Monochronium Prophecy

The music and this book are designed not to give you all the answers but indeed to inspire you to take a journey, read between the lines, listen between the sounds, feel between the breaths, look beyond your current reality, and then, you may indeed find it all.

This audio journey was born from my life journey, birthed into creation through artistic expression and manifested through collaboration. I hope it will guide you into a space where you can turn inward and consider the importance of your unique essence, self-expression, and creation for your innate intelligence and soul creations to come alive and thrive.

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This album invites you to follow me on a journey through light and dark and light again. The ever spiralling cycles of life. Experiencing innocence, the joy of adventure, the wonder of beauty, the challenge of change, surrender and letting go, life force and courage to open portals of your heart to new realities.



''The work you created and the strength you have got.

You are an inspiration and honestly really a superstar

with the voice and talent you have.''

Veerle Sanders - Professional Opera Singer

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I decided to go beyond an album cover and I created an e-book for you instead!

In this E-book you will find lyrics, reflections, memories and invitations for you to dive deeper and journal into, discovering your own inner enchanted landscapes.

You can print yourself a copy of this book, use it as a journal, plug in your earphones, sing along with the lyrics and dedicate time to your enchanted quest.

** The two bonus ambience tracks provide a space for you to go even deeper into your inner landscapes, reflect and perhaps discover the gifts of your soul, so you may embody your essence and come alive even more in this lifetime.

May your journey begin at the beginning! - Enjoy!


''Thank you for your beautiful work & art.''

Anonymous customer of The Monochronium Prophecy 

Discover More About My Work & Life As A Creator & Mentor

Find out why The Monochronium is a 10-year journey of passion, creatorship and becoming.

Listen to my interview with Timo Peach the musician and sound designer for my album. 

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Listen To The Full Podcast Interview Here


I realised some women never get over such emotional abuse,

and yet, there I was, healing, and my art was helping me.


Now I share this story of creation and re-creating myself with you