the sovereign journey Jul 24, 2022
⭐Celebrating My Journey⭐
Over the last 22 years I've been mastering my craft. My life journey has turned me profoundly insideout. Teaching me to navigate personal growth, skills, talents and profession, change, loss and emotional abuse, collecting qualifications, experiences, and rising through it all.
💡 I've been thinking about what are my most important qualifications are.
❓Would I put them into a list and then rank and categorise them?
I'm not sure I could anymore. I've given up trying to prove myself, fit into any outer authorities standards, categories, rules and regulations just to prove my worth.
So, ways in which I have taught myself to grow exponentially is to be a navigator, questor, journey maker of it all.
Not attaching to or becoming any of the methodogies or experiences, instead, gathering the essence from each so I can strengthen my own unique essence and embody it.
So, just for the record here are a selection of my qualifications that have taught me how to journey deep and in turn rise high.
😍 IN NO ORDER OF IMPORTANCE OR CHRONOLOGY (but let's start with a few more tangible things!)
⭐BA hons Contemprary art, visual & performing arts.
⭐ MA Illustraion
⭐ 5 year artist residency at the largest arts center in England outside of London
⭐ Shamanic initiation into Sacred Smoke, the burning of herbs and fire
⭐ Languages: English, French, Dutch
⭐ Recorded my first album
⭐ Diploma in tropical habitat conservation
⭐ 25 years of being bullied
⭐ Priestess training in the art of love and sacred sexuality
⭐ Lived in 5 different counties, travelled to many more
⭐2 narcissistic and emotionally abusive mariages/divorces
⭐multiple best friend betrayals
⭐past life journeying
⭐40 day Pilgrimage alone
⭐self investment in multiple coaches, mentors, courses and trainings
⭐writing books
⭐illustrating my own oracle deck
⭐Founder director of a theatre company, receiving multiple funding awards
⭐ Ceremonialist, cacao and women's wisdom
⭐5 years of healing and studying with multiple plant medicines
⭐Mentor for students, graduates, women
⭐6 years voice coaching
⭐20 years psychology self study
.. and there's more 
What does your journey look like?

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