Jul 20, 2022
I stood face into the storm and said - ''Come on then, show me what you've got! You might have sunk my old ship but you are not taking me or my heart! Not now not ever!''
This song just started playing this morning, so I thought I would share as it ignited me. Totally feeling this vibe of freedom. As far as I can sense feel and perceive, and as I witness my own life journey, true freedom comes from deep within.
From taking that inner journey as deep as I could get before I started running out of air, and realising that all the confusion and emotional suffering comes from what I learnt or bought as lies about me and relations and the world.
So freedom is warming by the hearth of my inner home. This is why it is time to physically and symbolically return now to my homeland, on my new ship. My creatorship 😉
I found the home within when I got far enough outside of me, on the wide treacherous oceans, to realise I wasn't going to find it anywhere but within.
The journey - wow - well, as I step into another unknown I am filled with joy in knowing that when all went to shit. I stood in the raging storm - face on. Refusing to sell my heart and soul to all temptation and lies.
I refused to let the biggest breakdown of my life be swept under the carpet, just get on with life, move on quickly, deal with it, sunk and hidden. I faced it and promised myself I would not leave this land until I knew how and why it all happened.
And my body is catching up, slowly healing and aligning with the gifts of gold of my consciousness, as I am starting to come back to life. Feels like being resurrected from the dead!
This is one of the qualities of the deep and dark feminine. She never dies. You can bury her, suffocate her, drown her, burn her. But she will never die. She knows how to transmute as she is the eternal wisdom of life death life, and in her right time she will rise again.
And, you cannot lie, pretend or fake knowing her realms until you are really prepared to go there. Real freedom cannot be faked by anything outside.
Sometimes the journey comes in phases. Like a deep pilgrimage done in stages.
You can never win her, buy her, possess her, destroy her because you didn't win, get or own her. She is indestructable.
But you can join her for the journey! Then, well.. magic really happens!
I am so glad I started my inner journey years ago. It has been a lifesaver in becoming the best navigator of great change that I could ever be. To become the force of change and transformation itself.
The work is never done. The end is not the goal. It is this magnificent journey of life that is already the prize. So the journey continues to see what else is possible now.
Enjoy the journey
❤ ❤ ❤

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