P r i v a t e  M e n t o r s h i p  &  T r a i n i n g 

For Individuals & Organisations

L I V E   T H E   E X P R E S S I O N   O F   Y O U R   S O U L


Inside Alchemy For Outside Triumphs


This private and immersive program takes you deep so you can then elevate to reach great heights. This journey will free you from old patterns and false belief systems so you can maximise your life force, innate creative genius and express your soulful and sovereign self.

What potential are you hiding or making small inside of you? Maybe you know, maybe you don’t. My speciality is in helping you find the edges of your soul expression and go beyond your comfort zones so you can tap into the source of your own creative power and innate wisdom and learn to thrive with your intuition and soul leading the way.

We will tailor the program and completely customise it for you so that as we journey together, your unique gifts, abilities and callings are opened and explored so you can enjoy a more purposeful, aligned and fulfilling life.


An intimate & immersive journey to unlock your creative potential


What is possible? This is what we will unlock together as we release your creative potential which will have a positive effect on all areas of your life; up-level your soul business profile, tap into your sensual power, embody cyclical living, discover your unique soul purpose, become your own greatest guide on your self mastery journey – whatever areas of your life you are called to deepen and work on, we will focus in on so you can access the innate and intuitive wisdom of your pure potential in these areas.

This customised program is extremely limited, and I only work with a few clients per year in this way, so I can commit my expertise to you and your investment in our journey together.  A deep dive of this personal nature can typically last from twelve weeks to twelve months. It requires full commitment and a significant financial investment.

I invite you to watch the short video below, feel if it resonates for us to walk this powerful journey together, and then take the leap to apply.  

With much love



Y O U R   P E R S O N A L   I N V I T A T I O N

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W h o   a r e   y o u   b e c o m i n g ?

Birth your soul path from the inside out 

With the gift of hearing, feeling and seeing the world through the lenses and senses of a masterful creator




What is Possible? 

Areas and themes of exploration: 

  • Soul-based & Sovereign Leadership for Leaders

  • Up-level your Soul Business, profile and offerings

  • Deeply embody cyclical living & archetypal wisdom

  • Soul & Life Purpose/Mission/Devotion

  • Sacred Art Ceremonies and Rituals for exponential growth to up-level creative expression and mastery 
  • Artistic exploration and portfolio building
  • Creative Project Development
  • Develop Focus / Endurance / Confidence / Success
  • High Performance / Money / Abundance / Alignment 

  • Relationship evolution (Intimate, Family, Friends, Community)

  • Nature & herbal wisdom for health and wellbeing 

  • Spiritual Exploration - Initiations / Integration / Visionary work, Intuition and Channelling 

  • Sacred Sexuality - Radiance/Pleasure/Sensuality 

  • Expanded consciousness and personal evolution

I also work with guest mentors for spirit animal wisdom, and herbal and tree spirit mediumship for health and well-being. These specialist sessions can be woven into your program.

How Does The Program Work?

Customised In Collaboration With You



This is a highly focused and personal journey, with a deep dive that can be for twelve weeks or up to twelve months and requires full commitment and a significant financial investment.



Including but not limited to:

  • Private intensive in-person retreats (locations to be discussed) 
  • Private intensive online sessions/workshops/rituals & ceremonies (via Zoom)
  • Regularly scheduled 60-minute private mentoring calls (via Zoom)
  • Access to online programs, audios and books
  • Your personal online portal as a hub for all your work and developments
  • Support via email between sessions



This customised Sovereign Journey is a transformation program and is by application only. An immersive blueprint will be designed and tailored specifically to meet your goals and needs when you feel the call to immerse yourself in this next-level journey.


"The core of the guidance from Hazel resonates on a deeper level, igniting my heart to come alive and flow over my lips so I speak and express the self I always knew inside, but not let out until now.

Hazel leads you to fully embody it and to come to your essence. It really is life-changing to remember and embrace the deepest longing and purpose of being on earth in this lifetime."

- Marjanne Huising - Nature Coach and Author

 M e e t   Y o u r   G u i d e


Mentor of The Deep Feminine, Visionary Artist and Author.

Sacred ceremonialist and expert in embodied cyclical living. 


Hazel is a British award-winning artist and a medicine woman with a powerful journey of reclaiming her shamanic roots, becoming a priestess of sacred sexuality, and surviving narcissistic abuse.

She is a profound leader and mentor of deep feminine wisdom, the power of creation and the consciousness of love.


MA Illustration and Performance Art | BA hons Contemporary Art

Co-founder and director of Valise Noire Storytelling Theatre | Supported and funded by the Arts Council and Heritage Lottery Fund on projects and commissions | 5+ years of Artist Residencies for major organisations.

Avalon Initiated Priestess of Love and Sacred Sexuality | 10+ years of shamanic initiations and teachings. 40 years of living life as art.



Never give up on yourself or your passions




Find, express and manifest your soul's purpose



Take responsibility for your soul-full life journey

 Let's summon the lightning, 

smash limitations & create

some real magic on your

Sovereign Journey Mentorship 

If this resonates with you, please apply using the link below.

We will schedule a 60-minute Zoom call when I receive your application, where you and I will explore to see if working together is a match. From here, we will custom-create a tailored program to fit your specific goals and needs.


What Women Who Work With Hazel Say ...


It has been a deep transformation, I can see and feel how I am different now, in the way I communicate, how I make my choices, and how I manifest. Such a huge impact. Thank you with all my heart.".


“I feel it's just what I need, to carve out this sacred me time and stay in connection with my inner self, despite external challenges.”



"I want to be in my body. And this is definitely drops you in so fast to your body and allows you to stay there. It's made me thirsty for more.''



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